Diabetes: The Crippling Disease

Studies and statistics both show that there is rapid increase of individuals affected with Diabetes. Understanding the pathophysiology of this incapacitating disease can save millions of lives. What it is and its symptoms are and how it can be prevented is very important to decrease our chances of getting Diabetes. Experts have long discussed whether this incurable disease is acquired or because of genetic make-up that predisposes one to have it.

Firstly, Diabetes Mellitus or simply Diabetes is insufficient production of insulin from the pancreas or that the cells in the body for some reason do not respond to the insulin produced. In the past, this could have been considered as a disease that appears later on in life and to some few cases; congenitally. However, the alarming rate of individuals affected with Diabetes has surged over the years. In the U.S, the government has spent billions of money funding research looking for a cure to DM. They have found a link between obesity and diabetes. Poor and unhealthy eating habits that leads to gaining excessive weight greatly predisposes a person to suffer from it.

There are different types of Diabetes

There’s type 1, type 2 and Gestational Diabetes. The former is caused or can be categorized as due to a dysfunction in the immune system. The second one is because little insulin produced by the cells and GDM is believe to be affected by pregnancy hormones that affects insulin production and or absorption. So what are the symptoms that one needs to observe and seek help immediately? Everything that is in excess: thirst, hunger and urination. Most of all, monitor blood sugar levels and know the baseline.

The bottom line is; we have to keep track of what we eat and how we take care of our body. How we can better utilize the excessive sugar in our blood system that should turn into energy needed to perform activities of daily living. What are different ways that can prevent us from obtaining Diabetes and its devastating effects? Simply start by looking what we put into our bodies. We should avert from junk food that is harmful to our digestive system and can have ill-effects systemically affecting all of our bodily functions. I’m talking about fast foods, sweets and unwanted carbohydrates that are hard to break down. These food selections entirely not only have too much sugar but too much salt as well that help retain fluids and other toxins in the body. We have to steer clear from this if we want to prolong our lives.

Switch instead to organic and raw food preferences that are easily digestible and has natural enzymes that is good for the body. Whole, unprocessed foods are simply a much healthier choice. We have to think of long term benefits that will ensure to keep our system running smoothly. Yellow, green leafy vegetables, whole grains and less of meat products are better choices.

We can choose to regret later or we can start choosing now. Simply get informed and take action. Saving our lives and a lot of deal of stress and suffering from the disabling and incurable disease is what we owe to our selves.


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